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     Now the Bal Bhavan Society is functioning as an autonomous body under the department of  Women and Child Development.  The Managing Committee has been constituted for managing the affairs of Bal  Bhavan Society with non official  Chairperson and other non official members, a  Class I  senior scale officer is the Secretary of Bal Bhavan Society,  also  Member Secretary of the Managing Committee.

     The Bal Bhavan Society has jurisdiction throughout the state.  A group-B officer is appointed as Administrative officer to manage the day to day affairs of Jawahar Bal Bhavan, Bangalore. In Bal Bhavan Society, 39 posts of Government Staff is created. Out of which 8 posts are filled and remaining 31 posts are vacant . Further  in Bal Bhavan society 56 posts of Society Staff were regularized by the Society , out of which 52 posts are filled.

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