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Development of District and Taluk Bal Bhavan
     Under the Scheme Bal Bhavan Society, has decided to develop the District and Taluk Bal Bhavan and strengthen them in carrying out non formal education through creative activities uniformly throughout the State.  Keeping in mind the objectives of Bal Bhavan,  out  of the Budget earmarked ie., Rs. 118.00 lakhs, sixty percent of the amount will be released for activities and the remaining for infrastructure development.
Land Scaping
     In order to retain and maintain the Park eco-friendly and Child Friendly, it is proposed to have a good landscaping of the park with more trees and flowering plants to soothe the eyes of any visitor.
Organise Theatre activities and WorkShop
     In co-ordination with Karnataka Nataka Academy, with the readily available infrastructure of the Bal Bhavan will be organizing Theatre activities and Work Shops for Children  on the line of Rangayana pattern for children at Bal Bhavan.
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